TCS Placement Papers and Exam Pattern

TCS Placement Papers and Exam Pattern

TCS Placement Papers and Exam Pattern:

Hello friends,

This is Sneha M from Techno India Saltlake, pursuing my B-Tech in ECE. I’m a 3rd year student. Last 5th September, TCS visited our campus. We have 3 colleges to be interviewed by TCS. So the whole program was of 3 days. 5th September, the first day was allotted for TISL for interview. Our Aptitude and Verbal Test was on 3rd Sept.

Total students were divided into 4 section.

1. Those candidates, who ranked within 1600 in Codevita (They don’t had to give this Apti and Verbal test).

2. Those candidates, who were in top 5 (T-5). (They don’t had to give apti, but had to give Verbal Test).

3. Those students who had scored 75%, throughout their career. (They got same privileges as Top-5).

4. Rest of the student. (They had to appear in all the test).

I had 88% in Madhyamik, 85% in HS & 9.1 (83.5%) in B.Tech. So, I was in 3rd category & I don’t have to give aptitude but had to appear for the Email writing.

Here I want to share my & some of my friends experience separately, As I don’t had to go through all the processes.


DATE – 3.09.16.



I was given 10 minute time with a topic – “Your company has recruited a visually challenged person and the person was doing great job and got promotion. Write an Email to HR to thank him for giving the person the opportunity”.

There was 12-14 simple words which I had to use in the Email and I had to see that the no of word is more than 50. Though there is no upper word limit, But it is better to not exceed 100 words and not to write essay.


Write the given word or phrase first. Then try write the email as filling the blanks. No need to waste your time in writing subject of the mail.


I had used 97 words and got selected for the Interview round.

DATE – 05.09.2016.



After entering the premises at 9.30 am, I got call for the interview at 4.30 pm. So, here is my experience. For the conversion in interview M=me, I=Interviewer.

M: Good Afternoon, Sir. (there was 2 interviewer, I used Sir, not Sirs).
I: Good Afternoon, Snehasis, please have a seat.
M: Thank you sir.

I: Sneha.s, introduce yourself.
M: Told (I’ve used this format-Name, institute, stream, native place, school, family, hobbies, strength).

I: Okay, let me see your CV. You seem a good student, tell me what are your strong point? What should I ask?
M: (as I’ve mentioned Digital & Basic Electronics, I told him) Sir, I’m good in digital.

I: Okay, draw a XOR gate and it’s truth table.
M: Drawn that.

I: You have done so fast. Very good (he was very impressed). Now, tell me what languages you know?
M: Sir, C and basic JAVA.

I: Being in Electronics you know programming? Okay write a program.
M: Which prog sir?

I: Write anything you like. Just don’t write too easy program.
M: (I was amazed and confused, As I’ve listened to many experiences where interviewer bullies the candidate. I wrote the program of finding a no, is prime or not) Sir, this is the program.

I: (he checked the program) Very good Snehasis, It seems you know programming.
M: Sir, I’ve cleared first round of CodeVita.

I: Oh great. You’ve told you to know Java. Tell me How JAVA achieves platform independence?
M: Told the concept of Byte Code.

I: Which compiler you use in C?
M: Codeblocks.

I: How it works?
M: Told? (I needed clarification on this question, which they provided while I asked).

I: Which training have you done?
M: Akashvani broadcasting.

I: How can IT be involved in Akashvani?
M: Told.

I: If we transfer you to Pune, is there any problem?
M: No, sir.

I: Which skills you need to improve before joining to TCS you think?
M: Communication and Coding.

I: (they asked some personal question about my family) Do you have any question for us?
M: No, sir.

(then they extended their hand for handshake. I was not expecting this. I handshaked. It is not mandatory to do it by yourself. But if you do, do it properly. Not with too stiff hand or lazy hand. ).

I: We are done with you, you may go.
M: Thank you, sir.

(The whole process took 20-30 minute. Within 15 minutes I got called for the HR round. My HR was Group HR. ).


There were 12-15 students called in a room at a moment from different streams. Some of our mark sheets and documents were verified randomly. In the room, they asked some random general question towards all about TCS. Eg-What TCS do? why foreign companies prefers TCS? What is the address of TCS site? What is TCS bonds? Why TCS this kind of questions. They had not marked anyone, who were answering. I haven’t given any answer, as I was not asked to. After 15 minutes of this, they told us that we can leave for the day. My Interview was finished.


9.09.16 at 2.30am I got the list of selected students & my name was on the list.


Interview process is going to be a long duration process. So, please bring dry foods and fruits with you in sufficient amount. Carry water. After long hours you may get dehydrated. Keep a smiling face always in the Interview room, but don’t laugh. I hope you know the difference between laugh and smile.



This year’s Apti question was very tough. But if you practice from IndiaBix you will get 80% question common. This year there were 18-20 question from the site. Follow the site.

EMAIL WRITING – Some of them got question of Complaint to the chairman of your municipality about construction hazards and such kind of problems. Words provided were very easy and known. But the no of words was large. So keep your cool and follow the previous mail writing suggestion. Try to recheck at least once whether all the given words are used in order or not. Please change the order and form of the words. It’s better to do common silly grammatical mistakes than miss the word by changing the form.



In Interview they mainly ask subject knowledge, they don’t expect great programmers. So try to tackle subject questions too with ease. Most common programs which they ask are- Fibonacci, Factorial, Prime No, Swapping without third variable, call by value & call by reference program and explanations. Though it also depends on your luck and interviewer. One of my friends got a question to Print her name. They had given some puzzles to solve to some of my friends. Eg- First problem of River Crossing game (a boat with a sheep, cabbage and wolf) , how will you 120 with only using 0, how will you draw 3 concentric circles intersecting by a line without drawing the pen from the paper, some of them got Sudoku to solved. The guys from CodeVita had to carry the submitted programs in the contest and had to explain the program.


There are 2 types of HR. Group HR (which I’ve faced and described earlier), Personal HR. In this second type of HR they try to understand you. They may bully u, try you to loose your calm. Don’t lose your cool. Don’t give absurd answer in frustration.


There are some of my friend who had to give 3 rounds of interviews & some of them gave only 1 round but both of the two kinds got selected. When what works, none know. So don’t break down in pressure. They may question you in your mother language. Try to answer them in English. Because it can be a trap. And most importantly don’t bluff. If you watch movies, play video games tell them that. Don’t say you read technical journals, newspapers, technologies if you don’t have any idea about that. If you don’t understand anything from interviewer ask him to repeat, this is not a discredit. Try to listen the whole question first from the interviewer then answer.

Best of luck for TCS. Waiting to meet you in TCS.


Indiabix has helped me a lot in my preparation. I had promised myself that if I get selected in TCS, I’ll share my experiences in Indiabix for others help.


This is a very long written experience. So, there can be many grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. This is purely because I had to write many things in a short time span. Please forgive me for these silly mistakes.