ISRO Placement Papers And exam Pattern

ISRO Placement Papers And exam Pattern

ISRO Placement Papers And exam Pattern:

Hi Friends

I attending ISRO on 4th May at Hyderabad
CSE time 3 to 4.30

Total 80 questions all are Technical

Sample questions::
1.which is minimum error code? gray code
2.DBMS 3 simple questions
how many simple graphs are possible with 3 nodes
3. what is critical section
4. deadlock 3 questions
5. CN 4 questions
6. TOC only one question
7. DAA nearly 10 questions (t.c)
8. Micro Processor interrupts 4 questions
9. OS total 10 question
10. digital 10 q

All questions are from gk publishers gate hand book with out changing options also I attempted nearly 50 questions nearly 10 wrong
I will wait for results

1) Moore model of DFF?

2) Which of the following filter has steep roll-off characteristics?
(A) Butterworth filter (B) Chebyshev filter (C) Bessel filter (D)–
ans: B

3) The architecture of DSP processor———
(A)Havard (B) Von neumann (C)…(D)..
ans: A

4) If the input frequency to a 6 stage ripple counter is 1000MHz then output frequency at 6th stage_______

5) Minimum number of 2 input NAND gates required to realise the fn. AB’+CD’+EF’
ans: 6

6) What will exit() fn. in C will do?

7) goto command in C will cause the program to jump to—-
ans: Label

8) VSWR is given then asked to find out reflection coefficient

9) The relation between power in FM signal and modulation index——–

10) If two signals are AM modulated with modulation indices of 0.3 and 0.4 what will be the modulation index of combined signal?
ans: Calculate using 1/M=(1/m1)+(1/m2)

11) If n stage pipelining is used in aprocessor, then what will be the speed improvement over nonpipelined processor?
(A) same (B) n (C) n! (D) 2n

12) One circuit is given (That was a Voltage Doubler using op-amp) and asked to Identify that…

13) Which one of the following memory has fastest write time?
(A) Flash (B) EEPROM (C) EPROM (D) None of these

14) In EEPROM data is stored in____
(A) Cross coupled Latch (B) Capacitor (C) floating gate transistor (D)–

15) Which technology is faster?
(A)Bipolar (B) MOS (C) CMOS (D) ..

16) Memory access time, cache access time, hit ratio are given, Asked to find out Average memory access time

17) If the probability of getting a job for A is 1/3 and the probability of getting a job for B is 1/4 then the probability of getting a job for A or B will be____?

18) One transfer fn As4 + Bs3 + Cs2 +D=0 (I dont remember the values of A,B,C,D ) is given, Asked to find out whether the system is____
(A) Stable (B) Unstable (C) Marginally Stable

19) For implementing D flipflop using RS flip flop, the extra component needed is____
(A) AND gate (B) OR gate (C) NOT gate (D) NOR gate

20) The output of an 8 bit DAC is 1Volt when the input is 00110010, then the full scale output of the same DAC will be____
ans: 5.1 V (Hint: 1/50*255)