Infosys Placement Papers and Exam Pattern

Infosys Placement Papers and Exam Pattern

Infosys Placement Papers and Exam Pattern:

Hi guys.

I was placed in Infosys (intern+job). Prepared only for 3 days.

Round- 1

In the online test there are 3 section Aptitude, English, Reasoning. There are sectional cutoff also in each section so be careful about that. The online test level is average aptitude and reasoning is simple but English is hard. After the online test interview take place. It is quit easy.

Written exam has 3 categories.

1. Aptitude – 10 questions 35 minutes.
2. Reasoning – 15 questions 25 minutes.
3. Verbal – 40 questions 35 minutes.

The main areas of the test is follows.

1. Test-Section I/Arithmetic Reasoning and Analytical Thinking – 25 minutes – 15 questions.

– Data interpretation – 5 questions.
– Syllogisms – 5 questions.
– Data sufficiency – 5 questions.

2. Test-Section II/ Mathematical Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning – 35 minutes – 10 questions.

– Permutation and Combination – 2 questions.
– Alligation or Mixture – 1 question.
– Number series – 1 question.
– Cryptarithmetic – 1 question.
– Puzzle – 5 questions.

3. Test Section III/Test of Communicative English – 35 minutes – 40 questions.

– Critical Reasoning/Theme Detection.
– Fill in the Blanks.
– Sentence Correction.
– Reading Comprehension.

Just prepare the above topics alone. These are the topic they deal with please prepare for verbal well. Actually, I’m very weak in quants and I hate to learn quants. I realized my weakness and found ways to how to make it strong, yea it’s Infosys because they deal mostly in verbal. I don’t prepare for verbal since I was confident that I can solve verbal part.

Time limit here was so stuffy, first, solve the questions as fast as you can, allot last 2 minutes to answer the remaining questions in guess (just click any option), please don’t leave any questions without answering because there are no negative marks.

Round – 2.

Interview process is completely based on each Interviewer style
Because the panel I went he deal with only in coding, but other panels were not like mine.

He interviewed me only for 15-20 min.

1. Tell me about yourself (while saying he was analyzing my resume).

2. What are other alternatives of Hadoop (since I have mentioned Hadoop certificate in my resume).
– Told.

3. Then he gave a paper and pen he told me to see this room and write a code using class.

I saw the room, started writing code to display, in this dimension of this room the total amount of objects are this amount.

Not completed the code he suddenly stopped and he said I don’t need code I just asked to write the class and asked me what is private.
– Told.

(Here I entirely got nervous and started sweating for me because my friends who completed 2nd round they told me tat they didn’t even ask to write a code, so I felt like locked up in a prison)

4. Get a number, that number should be divisible by first 5 prime numbers, and print a message it is divisible or not and, again from beginning code should run if input was char it should exit.

Actually, I was not able to understand the question what he said and I asked him 3-4 times, please don’t do this grasp it as soon as possible. Again got nervous.

Just wrote the condition of divisibility correctly and tried the remaining part.

He spotted some mistakes and asked me and I corrected the mistakes and explained.

5. Told me to write a code for HTML table creation.
– Perfectly wrote since the question was much easy.

Finally, he asked do you have any questions to ask, with sad face I said no and he said you can leave, said thank you and came out.

He didn’t even ask me single HR question.

I was not confident that I will get into Infosys by thinking the way I performed in 2nd round.


1. Analyze in what part are you strong in quants or verbal.
2. Choose the company which suits for you.
3. Important: Read 10-15 interview experience in sites.
4. Brush your semester subjects for 2nd round.
5. Be polite.
6. Never lose hope

Failed in more than 6 companies at first round itself.

This is one and only company I cleared first round and attended HR round.

Finally, result announced by god’s grace I was selected.

Great thanks to IndiaBix, friends & the family who motivated me, finally thanks my college who guided for the campus.