Accenture Placement Papers

Accenture Placement Papers

Accenture Placement Papers:

I suggest all of you to take AMCAT. Nowadays so many good companies are offering good package and offers through AMCAT. If you take AMCAT the interview process will be easy.

Coming to My experience, I applied through AMCAT. I attended in Panimalar eng collage in chennai.

There they have given token number to everyone and asked to wait untill their turn comes. Each round 5 members were asked to come for the interview at a time. 2 people conducted interview.

Questions asked for me.

1. Tell me about yourself.
( Where you are from, Family, School N collage , Hobbies etc.(If you are good at something mention ( I said I am good at tennis and represented my university in Southzone tennis tournment)).

2. Which technology you are good at?
I said ORACLE. Then they started asking questions on oracle.

What is tablespace?
What is data buffer cache?
Redo log file ? What exactly it stores?
What is the use of alert & Control files?
And few other question on backup (cold & hot)
Interviewer going deep in the subject. Then I said as fresher I know the basic content.( In a polite way) Interviewer smiled and started asking current affairs.

1.Please explain what all are programs introduced by PM naredra Modi ? (I explained about Swach Bharat & Digital INDIA)
2. Do you think INDIA giving more importance in sports ? If yes Or No Why ? ( I said Yes to Cricket but No to other. Govt should encourage other sports as well n also treat them equally I added.)

As this interview happened in front of other 4 participants, My suggestion is don’t feel nervous.

So at the end they asked us to wait outside. Few mins later one guy announced the result (3/5 made it) I am one of them and he asked to wait in waiting hall for the next round.

So when all the people are done with interview. HR came to the waiting hall and said “There is no further round you guys are selected”.

Please take care while preparing resume. Because interviewer asked other 4 guys based on resume (Projects & all).


Hope my experience helps you.

Best Regards,
Ravi Chand .A

Accenture Placement Papers And Exam Pattern:

Hello to everyone who are all reading this.

Accenture has good profile world wide. If you get a chance to get into this company do put in your best.

Accenture people who visited our campus are very cool. It was on campus recruitment process more than 900 students appeared for the online exam.It is a two day process, first day the test was conducted by Merittrac.


The test is 1 hr after PPT.

Verbal Ability: In this there will be fill in the blanks with the correct words, synonyms,(articles and prepositions), word meanings (very simple ones), and two passages which will have 5 to 6 questions from it.

Mathematical questions: Very easy only sums frm R.S. Aggarwal (quantatitive).

#3rd section attention to detail is very easy
Given three options are matching or not and selecting a person for given job or not from given conditions.

Out of 900 people 600 got selected for group interview.

Accenture recruitment process is different from others we will have a group of 5 people. I along 4 people entered into panel. They make groups irrespective of branches you belong to. In my group there are 2 E.C.E , 2 C.S.C and 1 CIVIL people. They asked questions individually. They asked questions about,

– Our project and internship and few questns related to them.

– Challenges you faced in doing them.

– How did you use your practical knowledge for your personal purpose.

– What are your long term and short term goals?

– Do you want to be a team member or team leader?

– Have you ever led a team and what problems did you face and how did you face them

– Few core subject related questions.

They generally ask these questions to know what person you are, how did you apply your theoritical knowledge practically, to know whether you are flexible or not and to test your communication skills and for Accenture communication skills are very important.

I’m done with my interview by afternoon itself and I felt like it was very quick. I’m confident that I will be selected. Next day I came to know that I was selected and I felt very happy.

The final suggestion I would like to give u ppl is to be confident and maintain smile at all times.