Jam interview round tips

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Importance of  Jam session round in interviews:

Jam interview round tips:  In Jam interview round nowadays Interview process, JAM session is the first round in interview and most important round. When the openings are limited and the candidates are more than job openings, the interviewer takes only best persons. Thus in a modern interview process, before shortlisting for HR round, Hr team is going for JAM(Just a minute) round. JAM (Just A Minute session) is a  session first the person should select a topic and speak about it just for 1 minute. In most of the cases, Interviewer decides the Just A Minute topics Job speaker should speak a topic. Just A Minute session plays a major role.

* Once you started a speaking the interviewer will check a spontaneity, grammar mistakes.

* The interviewer will check your pronunciation and attitude.

JAM(Just a Minute) session important tips:

* First you should avoid a negative sentence or words.

* Where ever possible you try to use words such as definitely, however.

* Interviewers naturally looks for simple English.

* Avoid long sentences and complex words.

* Before the interview, you prepare few common topics. Because this help to you when the interviewer asks to you choose any one topic.

* Don’t try to repeat your ideas at any cost. Try to share something new concepts they have given you only one-minute time.

* Try to avoid words like but, and between where ever possible.

* Avoid mother tongue Influence at greatest. It will create impression on you.

* you practice with your friends you get a confidence and analyze what are the mistakes you done.

What are points check-in interviews:

* The interviewer checks your Self-confidence.
* Interviewer checks your Communication skills.
* In Jam session he will check your fluency & skills.
* The interviewer will check your Flow of thoughts.
* Interviewer will check your Flow of speech.
* Jam round checks your Coherence.
* He will check your Spontaneity & GK.
* In a Jam session, he will check Time management.
* The interviewer will check Sense Of humor.

How to start JAM session :

* You should begin with a thanking note.
* Give a Smile! Be confident,  Don’t be nervous.
* You should Define the topic in simple language.
* Give clear details- past/ present/ future.
* You should Speak with Clear & audible voice.
* compulsory  Use corrects English grammar.
* Comprehensive approach-related topics – SPELT Method.

*Political,social, Economical, Language, Technical issues of the topic).
* “KISS” principle (Keep it very Simple and Straightforward).
* Give a Positive outlook,
* You should Conclude with a thanking note.