How to prepare for Group discussion

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How to prepare for Group discussion Tips:

What is Group Discussion?

The Group Discussion is a methodology or in a simple language, you might call it an interview process or group activity. It is used to select the prospective candidates in a comparative perspective. In a Group Discussion mostly used by an interviewer at any organization, colleges or even at different types of management competitions.

A Group Discussion is a methodology is used by any organization to gauge whether the candidate has certain personality traits (or) skills that it is desired in the members. In this methodology, the group of candidates is given any topic or a situation, given the time few minutes to think about the same, and then asked to discuss the topic among themselves for 15-20 minutes.
The Group Discussion evaluation is done by the subject experts seniors based on the discussions. A report shall be prepared on analyzing the facts at the end of the group discussion.

Why is Group discussion conducted at the college level?

As a student, its helps to train you to discuss the topic given, it helps you to express your knowledge on serious subjects and in normal situations. improves your thinking and listening and speaking skills, also improves your confidence level. It is a useful tool in problem-solving, the decision is personality assessment. Group Discussion skills may be gain academic success, popularity, and a good job offer. Because it is important to able to take part in a Group Discussion effectively and confidently. Participants must be know how to speak with fluently, how to maintain leadership skills and how to make the achieve the goals.

The selection in Group Discussion is mainly to check your skills. You understand the other persons’ point of view, making your points and ensure that your team has whole reaches solutions or agreements that are both feasible and accepted by all entire team members.

There are four types of evaluation in selection GDs:

(I)Subject knowledge

(2) Oral communication skills

(3) Leadership skills

(4)Team management.

Subject Knowledge:      

The participants must possess thorough an understanding of the topic on which they are to speak. You must be prepared yourself to talk on a wide range of the subjects. In a group discussion, they will give mostly current events, national and international affairs and economic topics and scientific and environmental issues.and any experience that may be expected of graduate persons. As a member of the group discussion, you are expected to the contribute substantially to the group discussion. The original of your ideas, your knowledge and talent   and you approach to the topic to your success in the group discussion.

The best way to improve you is to read daily English newspapers, good magazines, national and international sports and also watch new technology and English programs on the television. The Internet is giving the everything you are looking for it. Once you are understood the topic or issue, you must be able to generate new ideas as well as organize them so that you present it well. You shall have the ability to analyze the facts or information in any systematic way. A person putting forward new ideas that may be work shall be accepted as the natural leadership of the group. Your approach is case study will be observed deeply by the evaluators.

Oral Communication Skills:

If the subject knowledge is important and communication skills also more important as without any expression, the knowledge is of no use. Because the exchange of ideas in any group discussion takes to place through speech, one of success in a GD is the ability to speak confidently and fluently. Good communication skills including active listening skills, clarity, and expression,

Listening Skills:

One of the weaknesses is most human beings is that they love to listen to the own voice rather than the listen to others voice. Listening is most  important as speaking in a Group Discussion, useless  you listen, you cannot contribute to the purpose of communication. It is most extremely important to listen to every point very carefully, and then you shall be able to pick up the thread of the discussion and continue. Only the active participation as a listener in a group discussion made a person a good leader. A leader is mostly identified by the panel.

Clarity of thoughts and expressions:

Clarity is an art of making yourself clearly give   the audience. When your expressions are must be clear, you can be convincing your team and the panel. More than the words, it is the tone in which they are speaking to conveys the message. You must not be too loud or too soft. A lively and nicely voice with the appropriate modulations will attract to the audience. The proper articulation of any words, achieved by through phonetic occurrence is an essential slang, and artificial words to be avoided.

Clarity of thoughts and expressions:

A flow of the language must be smooth. Use the simple language and avoid the long winding sentences. Do not use the unfamiliar phrases and worst language. Be precise and be polite and courteous.

Proper nonverbal clues:

The Nonverbal clues include the eye contact and body movements and facial expressions. The panel is very deeply watching the on verbal behavior of the team. They are generally evaluating the body language cues of the team to determine the  personality factors such as nervousness and  co-operation, frustration, weakness and insecurity and self-confidence, defensiveness, etc.

A candidate who appears professional skills is more likely to notice by the panel. The confident posture and appropriate facial expressions and meaningful eye contact with the team will create the good expression.

Team behavior:

In Your group behavior is reflected too in your ability to interact with the other members of the group discussion. You should be mature enough to don’t lose your temper even if you are proved to the wrong. You must behave patient and balanced. Your success in a Group Discussion depends on how you play the role of initiator, information and information given and procedure facilitator and opinion seeker, opinion giver, clarifier, summarizer, social-supporter, tension reliever, compromiser, attacker.

Leadership Skills:

The success of any team depends on the   larger extent on its leader. The panel is evaluated a candidate’s personal skills and which allow him to prove himself as a natural leader in Group Discussion. Though there is no appointed to the leader in a Group Discussion and a leader emerges. The decision making, discretion and initiative, and good communication skills and patience, persuasiveness and adaptability are some of the most leadership qualities proving oneself as a natural leader in a GD. A good leader should be neither very authoritative nor submissive but should be democratic. Such that leaders see that all the members of the team must participate and when there is a must problem, try to deal with the any amicably. Leaders should know how to deal with the others.

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