How could you have improved your career progress?

How could you have improved your career progress

How could you have improved your career progress?:

Nobody is perfect in the world all area. I am also among them. I have some weakness to me that continuously improve in that area. So I could improved my career.


I can only grow up my career by accepting the changes in my working profiles, by utilising my time according to the given assignment, by enhancing my personal interest towards my work and by working with all together as a team because individual can’t stand against such a big projects. Team work enhance working capabilities, less errors, more secure working environment and most important it kept you stay motivate.


Yes, I am already planned to improve my self along with our organization. And firstly, I want to improve my technical skills in a short period in the organization.


I want to gain more experience and always give my best effort to give my best performance for you organization in addition I want to learn new things from my senior colleague.


I will be more than happy to provide the best I can to improve my career by hard working, dedication, exploring different kind of situations and have the courage to overcome the problems in a smart way,

1. Detect a change needing situation.

2. Estimate the need to react to change.

3. Choose the most desirable outcome.

4. Identify actions to successfully control the change.

Do something to adapt the change and evaluate the effect of the action countering the change.


I am quite happy with my career progress. I have improved my career progress by working with dedication, determination, honest. I think success will always depends on learning new things, so that it helps me to improve my technical skills and to implement in the projects.


According to me career progress is depend hard work, dedication, planning, exposure to different situation and have a courage to overcome the problems in a smart way by means of smart thinking are some of the points. Analyzing our low potential and give support to develop it. I think when this points can implemented in a proper way in our life than I assure you that we will definitely get success. By this way I will achieve my career progress.