html interview questions for freshers

1.Different b/w html4 and html5
2.What is CSS
3.Different b/w inline and inline block display
4.What is html syntax
5.What is header and body
6.What are the font styles
7. Oops concepts
8.What is different h1 and h2 tag
9. What is flex
10. What are the html tags
11. What is DOCTYPE html

.what is html?
2.differance between html and html5?and also html4 and html5?
3.what is a box model?explain?
4.what are the display properties?
5.what is DOCTYPE html?what is use of it?
6.what is pseudo elements and pseduo class? many types of positions? Differance between position relative and absolute?
8.write a html and css code for navigation?
9.what is block-level elements and inline-elements?
10. What is canvas and svg elements?write a code for canvas?
11. describe the tag and div?
12.differance between css and css3?
13.what is media querys?what is mobile and desktop width?
14.what is javascript?what is DOM?
15.whai is closure?
16.write a code for calculator ?
17.what is events on javascript?
18.what is bootstrap?what is the use of bootsrap?
19.what is local storage and session storage?
20.what is component? describe?
21.differance between angular js and angular?
22.what is routing?
23.what is module in angular?
24.what is services?
25.what are the directives in angularjs and what is the use of it?
26.why we are use angular?
27.what is function explain?
28.what is anonymous function?
29.what is constructor in js?
30.what is angular cli?
31.what is call() and call back function?
32.what is unit tesing in angular?
33.what viewstate and session state?