What India needs is a Dictatorship?

What India needs is a Dictatorship

What India needs is a Dictatorship?:

I think India needs dictatorship. India cannot develop until her people are held by a fixed pole and for that we need a dictator.

Many of you may think that a dictator in India can become a reality because of India’s diversity. But Indians do share a common past. That spirit can only hold Indians together. That happened during colonial period and so it can happen now too. So before we talk about any other qualities of an Indian dictator we must make sure that he is a true nationalist.

Now some of you may also think that even if India gets a good dictator what will happen after he dies. The answer is also given in our history books. One generation of nationalists created the next. In this way the struggle against the British continued. So the same principle can be applied for a dictator too as he should be perhaps the greatest of all revolutionaries.

India can never become a superpower until the ideology of ‘one people one nation one leader’ is popularised and is practised among the people of this country.


I think India needs dictatorship as for last 68 years we have democracy and we can see the rate of our development had there been a good dictator in India it would have shown spectacular growth till today votes are been purchased by corrupt leaders the illiterate are been exploited badly as they do not have a say in choosing leaders on the basis that he or she will further take India to great heights but for certain amount of money because of poverty in India moreover I think so as if India needs a dictator who can indeed make India a developed nation from a developing one all I want to say that India don’t need a dictator like a fanatic leader it needs a good leader who should be secular more importantly a quite genius to look after diversities related issues then I am quite sure we would be far better in China it achieved great heights in 60 years as America has done in past 200 years in India judiciary here is quite slow let us look forward to a country like India being governed by someone say good leader or more accurately a dictator.


Hello friends.

Does India needs the dictatorship? I say it need not have any changes in way of ruling. The country needs is the change of mindset of people Why I was saying this. Democracy means rule by the people. We are indirectly involved thats it. We are responsible for the loss of moral values in the society at times. Let us go with few examples.

1. Suppose if we want to go to a movie and if there are no tickets we try to get them in black market. Or get a piracy CD to watch the film. We are indirectly encouraging the Piracy market and the black market.

2. No one wants to wait. Everyone wants to get their work get completed as soon as possible. So they try approaching by giving bribes.

3. Then coming to the illiterate. They take the money and vote for a specific party. Few people with caste and religion feeling they elect a wrong person.

Keep all those aside. If we try keeping ourselves and our surroundings. Clean we need not spend lots of money to clean that waste and implement plans like swatch Bharat and collect swach cess for it. Its like we feel why should I care if its not affecting me. But the thing we are the one who are suffering again. Therefore its highly enough if every one of us develops wisdom before doing any action. Sorry Friends if I have hurt anyone’s feelings.

Thank you.