Privatization of Higher Education

Privatization of Higher Education

Privatization of Higher Education:

Education is what making anyone’s able to live in this world with dignity. Education is most important for the man of every class either they belongs to lower class or higher class without education no one is nothing. But the privatisation of education or higher education is not good. Due to this, it will be out of reach far the person of every class. Everyone is not capable of affording that costly education because privatisation increases the cost of education. Because privatization makes the education business so the owner don’t think about the future of the nation and anything, they only think about their profit only. This makes rich more rich n poor more poor. They use so manys ways to increase their profit as we see in the private schools, they use so manys ways to earn money for example they told the student’s parents to buy books n copies n dresses from school and stationary things also. They pressurised the children’s parents to do that. As same if the privatization of higher education is done they also use this types of cheap ways to earn money and due to this many population of our country that is below the poverty lines do not afford the higher studies. Higher education only become a dream for which they do not achieve. So in my opinion privatization of higher education is not good for our developing country India.

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Nowadays privatization university is a trap because most of the students can take admission on their basic economic view. But their merits are poor so that after pass out they are not getting jobs. Others students also can admit in privatization college on showing status. But some others private institute are very stricken, and they take addition on basic of merits. Their faculty are very good & is needupgraded. And as India is a vast country & it has a big population so private its needs. But government should give their license on showing their infrastructure. If UGC takes proper steps then a good private institute will be made. As government, college/institute are very little and for a vast country of India to build an educated society, Private institute is essential. I think price level are very high so government can also collaborate with them and donation reservation must be removed. This private institute can also start a scholarship for economically weak candidate.