Effects of Television on Youth

Effects of Television on Youth

Effects of Television on Youth:

Hi, everyone there. I personally think that television has double sided one for advantages and one for disadvantages. Advantages are that you can get good knowledge from news channels and various knowledge channels such as: National Discovery Channel, discovery etc. Whereas, the disadvantages are that of serials and cartoons today’s kids by watching cartoons have forgotten the manner and by serials showing fights and exposing women in saree or western dresses many teenagers and women’s have started exposing you can find women’s wearing saree very much below their midriff and exposing teenagers in malls exposing in western dresses.

Even we can notice its adverse affects on our festivals all the sociality between people has vanished. Everyone is stuck to either mobile phones or Television.

What is the hack going on? I say this is now the time to change..


Hi Guys,

I think since television has been invented, there is no limit to get entertained. But I don’t prefer as a necessity. Since its existence has come, we could observe its adverse effects on the youth. Television keeps children busy in their school vacations, but due to this their imagination and thinking get clogged. Also, it affects their creativity to develop new ideas, disturbs their concentration towards studies and affects their eye site badly. If young children and teens like us indulge ourselves in sitting and watching T.V for too long, obesity along with other health problems may prevail, since our physical activities get reduced. You might give a positive point that T.V provides us information and knowledge but I think we must indulge ourselves to read newspapers which enhance our knowledge as well as our reading skills. Coming to the entertainment part when there were no televisions, Youth involved themselves in sports, orientation programs, reading, playing indoor games etc. Which was not only concerned with their minds occupied but also with their all round development!

Therefore however nice watching T.V seems it can only entertain us and provide news.