Educational qualification for Politicians

Educational qualification for Politicians

Educational qualification for Politicians:

Ruling a country is the most important job one can perform as a citizen. If any other job in this country requires educational qualification, then person ruling a country is also required the same. But, in my opinion, to conduct an exam on certain subjects or setting a minimum qualification will not serve the purpose. The persons who are passionate about the dream to rule the country has to work hard to reach there, So it should certainly be the best people who have to get the job of directing this country. Right now those best people are the CIVIL service toppers. The personality trait to take responsibility and work hard are proven by these citizens. Let the civil service toppers be trained for governance. In fact, they already are. But under the current system, they act as puppets for the illiterate ministers! Why do we have to elect an irresponsible school drop out to direct our best students?Let The civil service toppers rule this country. Even to make it more efficient and transparent, the minimum qualification to contest for election should be a 5-year experienced collector and he has to compete for the place where he has served as a collector. Thereby we are already assured that they are trained in governance, they are getting practical experience and enough time to study the current situation of the country. They prove the efficiencies through the governance in the existing position. The voters also will get ample time and opportunity to assess their candidates and understand his capabilities of governance. Thereby we can provide a new system to filter the best candidates at the stage before ruling the country itself.

There is another blood sucking factor in the existing system; The political parties, whose primary objective is to oppose any decision taken by the other party (no matter how good a decision is for the country). In order to achieve the intended efficiency and independence in governance, all political parties should be dismissed from the country. Instead, there should be only two groups in the governance team. One group of the selected candidates who rules, another group of experts from each field who act as an advisory board to the ruling group. The moment we eliminate political parties from ruling us, we vote for the persons who has proven their efficiency in their governance to serve the country which is going to save India from many misfortunes that she has to suffer, just by the existence of political parties.

The main reason people disagree with the concept that an educational person will do better in ruling than an uneducated is based on the inefficiencies exist in our educational system. The existing system fails to generate responsible patriotic citizens and replaced values with money. We now follow the system created by the Brtish who has done it with a purpose of creating shame about India in every child\’s subconscious mind and create respect for the British. That is the main reason why the system now creates students whose ambition is to go abroad. Without patriotism and values, to expect people to work for the upliftment of their society and their country might not be achieved.

Once the society learns to respect people with values than people with money, then eventually people will lose the habit of doing anything for money which is the basic reason for the current situation in India, like any other developing country.

If we have to alter the constitution to save our country, It is high to do so As we have experienced that the existing system is proven to destroy India day by day.