Are Cricketers to be blamed for Match Fixing?

Are Cricketers to be blamed for Match Fixing

Are Cricketers to be blamed for Match Fixing?:

I think that there is no need to blame a cricketer for match fixing. As all of us know that nowadays some young cricketers are involved with the bookies for fixing.

At the starting point of any young cricketers life, they don’t know 100% what is right and what is wrong. If he knows 100% then he doesn’t need to take some advice from the seniors.

Actually, Bookies are eating the head of every young cricketer. They offered the young players a huge amount of money and that’s why the young players used to enter into this trap.

The 1st person who should be blamed for Match Fixing is nothing but all system is responsible for this. After the System, the 2nd person who should be blamed for this is the bookies.

So, the conclusion is that we need to rectify our system.


Yes, to a larger extent cricketers are to be blamed for match fixing and the same time the committee managing these players should not be spared.

These cricketers if they give their best on the field will surely get individual and team success and money will flow, at the same time they will be revered. Despite knowing all these, they involve themselves in these malpractices keeping aside their ethics and values and end up losing their career.

At the same time, the management should realise that these cricketers are on national duty and they should abide by the rules and stay within the discipline, at least when they are on duty. They should make sure the cricketers don`t meet anyone other than their family, team, and staffs when on duty.


Ya of course in my opinion match fixing is a big crime and those who do this are the criminals. What I mean to say is that match fixing should be banned and those who do it should be kept in jail for at-least 10 years. And also the cricketers involved in this should not be allowed to to play cricket life long. They are only the actual criminals doing this. Really money has made people blind.