Country Capitals – Section 1

General Knowledge Country Capitals Section 1:
1.What is the capital of Australia?
A. Canberra
B. Victoria
C. Tasmania
D. Queensland

2. Brazil  Capital is?
A. Bahia
B. Brasilia
C. Para
D. Minas Gerais

3Capital of Canada Is?
A. Manitoba
B. Ottawa
C. New Brunswick
D. Alberta

4.Capital of China is?
A. Tianjin
B. Shanghai
C. Beijing
D. Kunming

5.  Egypt Country Capital Is?
A. Luxor
B. Aswan
C. Asyut
D. Cario

6.Capital of Germany is?
A. Kiel
B. Berlin
C. Trier
D. Munster

7.What is the Zimbabwe Capital?
A. Harare
B. Gweru
C. Rusape
D. Mutare

8.What is the Capital of France?
A. Paris
B. Lyon
C. Cannes
D. Colmar

9.Capital of Afganisthan Is?
A. Herat
B. Balkh
C. Kabul
D. Ghazni

10.the Capital of Bangladesh?
A. Comilla
B. Dhaka
C. Khuha
D. Bogra

11.Belgium Capital is?
A. Mons
B. Ostend
C. Aalst
D. Brussels

12.The Capital of Algeria is?
A. Algiers
B. Oran
C. Annaba
D. Setif

13.Capital of Austria is?
A. Wels
B. Vienna
C. Villach
D. Bregenz

14.What is the Capital of Belarus?
A. Minsk
B. Brest
C. Pinsk
D. Gomel

15.The Capital of Bhutan is?
A. Paro
B. Jakar
C. Thimphu
D. Punakha

16.What is the capital of Czech Republic?
A. Plzen
B. Prague
C. Liberec
D. Ústí nad Labem

17. Capital of Chile is?
A. Santiago
B. Pucon
C. Puerto Varas
D. Ancud

18.What is the capital of Cambodia?
A. Siem Reap
B. Phnom Penh
C. Sihanoukville
D. Skuon

19. Capital of Columbia is?
A. Cali
B. Cartagena
C. Armenia
D. Bogota

20.What is the Capital of Cuba?
A. Baracoa
B. Havana
C. Jibacoa
D. Moron

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