Current Affairs 01 May 2019 |for SSC, UPSC, Groups, RRB and other competitive exams

1) Indian Army mountaineering expedition to Mt Makalu claims discovery of footprints of snowman?

A) “Mythical Beast Yeti”

2) Geological Survey of India installed Geological display boards at Mawmluh cave, Therriaghat in?

A) Meghalaya

3) Who became Japan’s new Emperor marking beginning of Reiwa Era?

A) Naruhito

4) Indian archaeologists recently unearthed a rare life-sized stucco sculpture from a Buddhist site at Phanigiri in?

A) Suryapet, Telangana

5) International Jazz Day was globally observed on?

A) April 30

6) India to mark its second appearance world’s oldest Biennale Art event to be held in?

A) Venice, Italy

7) Who is the Lt. Gen. (retd) hero honored in 1971(Bangladesh’s Liberation War) in Israel?

A) Jack Fari Rafael (JFR) Jacob

8) BHEL and ARAI signs MoU for cooperation on projects related to?

A) E-mobility

9) ICRISAT-led team identifies Climate-Resilient genes in?

A) ChickPea

10) What is the theme of Venice Biennale 2019?

A) ‘Our Time for a Future Caring’