Current Affairs 14 April 2019 |for SSC, Groups, RRB, UPSC and other Competitive Exams

1) In which year the state of Odisha had last witnessed Bamboo rice?

A) 1979

2) When was Rajouri day celebrated?

A) April 13

3) First Kashmir war was happened between?

A) India and Pakistan

4) By Which award Russia has awarded PM Narendra Modi ?

A) Order of St Andrew and Apostle

5) International day of Human Space Flight was observed on?

A) April 12

6) UNGA stands for?

A) United Nations General Assembly

7) Navy gets Virtual Reality center for Designing?

A) Warships

8) UNSC Votes to end Peace keeping operations in?

A) Haiti

9) UN Peace keeping Mission in Haiti was known as?


10) Chandaka Dampara wild life sanctuary is located at?

A) Cuttack