Current Affairs 11 April 2019 |for SSC, Groups, RRB, and other Competitive Exams

1) Scientists from the University of Edinburgh of Scotland has discovered a new state known as?

A) Chain Melted State


2) At the Chain Melted state atoms are both in which state at the same time?

A) Solid and Liquid


3) Which Ganga has received the distinction of “Public Water Agency of the Year” by Global Water Intelligence at the Global Water Summit in London?

A) National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG)


4) Bold Kurukshetra-2019, joint Military exercise of India and Singapore was inaugurated at ?

A) Babina Cantonment of Jhansi


5) Who discovered Homeopathy in 1796?

A) Dr Samuel Hahnemann


6) “Veer Parivar app” a mobile application for families of CRPF was launched by?

A) Ram Nath Kovind


7) British Prime Minister Theresa May reiterated the UK government’s long standing expression of ‘deep regret’ over?

A) Jallianwala Bagh Massacre


8) Which Cricketer has been named by Wisden as the leading cricketer of the year for 2018?

A) Virat Kohli


9) Which stock market overtakes Japan to be world’s third largest?

A) Hong Kong’s


10) Which railway station in Mumbai became the 1600th railway station to become a RailWire W-iFi zone?

A) Santacruz