Current Affairs 05 April 2019 | SSC, RRB, Groups and other competitive Exams

1)  US House votes to end American involvement in which Civil War?

A)  Yemen’s


2)  In Which Country NIIF-Roadis is going to set up platform to invest in Road             Projects?

A)  India


3)  What is the abbreviation of NIIF?

A)  National Investment and Infrastructure Fund


4)  Which Scientists have discovered a new Enzyme helps in breaking cell Walls of       Bacteria?



5)  ICAT will be organizing a NuZen Mobility summit 2019 at which place?

A)  Manesar


6) Which Country has launched the World’s First Nationwide 5G mobile Network?

A)South Korea


7)  By which Medal PM Narendra Modi has been awarded with highest Civilian             Honour in UAE?

A)  Zayed


8)  International mine Awareness day was observed on which day?

A)  April 4


9)  Japan names new Imperial era as?

A)  Reiwa


10) Which bridge has been built by the Indian Army over Indus River?

A)  Maitri Bridge