Current Affairs 03 April 2019

     1) What is the full form of NPA?

     A) Non Performing Assets


     2) Which court quashes RBI’s circular Mandating Insolvency Proceedings? 

     A)Supreme Court


     3)In Which State Cafe Scientifique is going to be launch?



     4) Which is the temporary loan facility provided by the RBI to the center and              the state governments?

     A) WMA (Ways and Means Advances)


     5) India focused fact checking feature to combat fake news and rumours on                which Social media?

     A) WhatsApp


     6) More than 113 Million people across 53 countries experienced “acute                     hunger” last year because of?

     A) Wars and Climate Disasters


     7) Which tag has been earned by Kandhamal Haldi?

     A) Geographical Indication