Current Affairs 03 April 2019 for SSC, RRB, Groups, UPSC, and other competitive Exams

1) What is the total gross GST value that revenue collected in march 2019?
A) 1,06,577 Crore
2) Which two research agencies of the country have developed EMISAT?
3) Which authority comes out with parking management plan for Delhi?
A) EPCA (Environment Pollution and Control Authority)
4) What are the conditions that IMD has finally declared and prevalent to Equatorial PacificOcean?
A) El Nino
5) Which two countries have signed an agreement for the development and Industrial use of Lithium?
A) India and Bolivia
6) Which Country has signed the framework agreement to join the International Solar Alliance (ISA)?
A) Bolivia
7) How many MoUs were signed by Ram Nath Kovind during the state visit to Bolivia?
A) 9
8) What are the two committees that government has proposed to set?
9) IIIDEM stands for?
A) India International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Management
10) What is the abbreviation of SMART?
A) Seeking Modern Applications for Real Transformation