Current Affairs 02-April-2019|current affairs for RRB,SSC,FCI

1) What is the Theme of Earth hour 2019?
A) Earth 2Connect
2) On which date Earth hour 2019 was witnessed?
A) March 30
3) With whom World Wide Fund has partnered to create Connect2 Earth movement?
A) UNCBD (United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity)
4) WMO stands for?
A) World Meteorological Organization
5) Which organization has unveiled the State of the Global Climate 2018 report?
6) Who is the Chairman of the 15th Finance Commission?
A) N K Singh
7) IUCN stands for?
A) International Union for Conservation of Nature
8) Which Species are known as fresh water ray-finned fish and referred to as tiger of the water?
A) Hump-Backed Mahseer species
9) PSLV Stands for?
A) Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle
10) Along with 28 3 rd party satellites Which Satellite has been launched by ISRO ?
A) Electronic Intelligence Satellite’ Emisat’