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Races and Games Problems- Aptitude Questions and Answers:-

This is aptitude on Races And Games Problems Question and answers with explanation for different interviews and competitive and entrance exams.
1.In a 100 m race, P can give Q 20 m and R 32 m. In the same race Q can give R:
A. 19 m
B. 22 m
C. 15 m
D. 10 m

2. X and Y take part in 100 m race. X runs at 8 kmph. X gives Y a start of 12 m and still beats him by 10 seconds. The speed of Y is:
A. 5.34 kmph
B. 4.04 kmph
C. 5.76 kmph
D. 4.15 kmph

3. In a 550 m race, the ratio of the speeds of two contestants P and Q is 3 : 4. P has a start of 170 m. Then, P wins by:
A. 50 m
B. 44 m
C. 25 m
D. 15 m

4. In 150 m race, P covers the distance in 35 seconds and Q in 44seconds. In this race P beats Q by:
A. 44 m
B. 26 m
C. 21.5 m
D. 11 m

5. In a 250 metres race P beats Q by 42 m or 6 seconds. P’s time over the course is:
A. 42 sec
B. 30 sec
C. 32 sec
D. None of these

8. In a game of billiards, A can give B 20 points in 60 and he can give C 30 points in 60. How many points can B give C in a game of 100?
A. 50
B. 40
C. 25
D. 15

9.A can run a kilometer race in 4 1/2 min while B can run same race in 5 min. How many meters start can A give B in a kilometer race, so that the race mat end in a dead heat?
A. 150 m
B. 125 m
C. 130 m
D. 100 m

10.A can give B 100 meters start and C 200 meters start in a kilometer race. How much start can B give C in a kilometer race?
A. 111.12 m
B. 888.88 m
C. 777.52 m
D. 756.34 m

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