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Alligation And Mixture Problems- Aptitude Questions and Answers :-

This is aptitude on Alligation and  Mixture Problems Question and answers with explanation for different interviews and competitive and entrance exams.

1) In what rato two qualities of sugar having rate Rs. 8 per kg and Rs. 10 per kg should be mixed to produce a resulting mixture having rate of Rs. 9.20 per kg?
A) 3:2
B) 4:5
C) 2:3
D) 2:5

2) How many kg of tea worth Rs. 3.60 per kg must be mixed with 8 kg of tea worth Rs. 4.20 per kg so that by selling the mixture at Rs. 4.40 per kg , there may be a gain of 10%?
A) 12kg
B) 8kg
C) 6kg
D) 4kg

3) 400 students appeared in an examination. 60% of boys and 80% of girls passed the examination. If the total pass percentage is 65% , how many girls appeared in the examination?
A) 100
B) 200
C) 150
D) 125

4) A trader sells 120kg of rice. On one part he gets 10% profit and on the other 25%. If on the whole he gets 15% profit , find the quality he sold under 25% profit.
A) 80kg
B) 40kg
C) 60kg
D) 90kg

5) A man purchases two cows for Rs.1710. He sells the first at loss of 8% and gains 10% on the second one. If on the whole he neither gains nor loses , find the cost price of the first cow.
A) Rs.700
B) Rs.1200
C) Rs.1150
D) Rs.950

6) In a group of peacocks and rabbits , the total number of heads is 100 and the total number of legs is 240. Find the number of rabbits in the group.
A) 80
B) 60
C) 20
D) 40

7. Two varieties of wheat – A and B costing Rs. 9 per kg and Rs. 15 per kg were mixed in the ratio 3 : 7. If 5 kg of the mixture is sold at 25% profit, find the profit made?
A. Rs. 13.50
B. Rs. 14.50
C. Rs. 15.50
D. Rs. 16.50

8.Two vessels P and Q contain 62.5% and 87.5% of alcohol respectively. If 2 litres from vessel P is mixed with 4 litres from vessel Q, the ratio of alcohol and water in the resulting mixture is?
A. 16 : 5
B. 14 : 5
C. 16 : 7
D. 19 : 5

9.A vessel of capacity 90 litres is fully filled with pure milk. Nine litres of milk is removed from the vessel and replaced with water. Nine litres of the solution thus formed is removed and replaced with water. Find the quantity of pure milk in the final milk solution?
A. 72
B. 72.9
C. 73.8
D. 74.7

10.In a can, there is a mixture of milk and water in the ratio 4 : 5. If it is filled with an additional 8 litres of milk the can would be full and ratio of milk and water would become 6 : 5. Find the capacity of the can?
A. 40
B. 44
C. 48
D.None of These

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