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Profit and Losses problems- Aptitude Questions and Answers:-

This is aptitude on Profit And Losses Problems Question and answers with explanation for different interviews and competitive and entrance exams.

1. A trader buys an article for Rs.500 and sells it at Rs.650. Find his gain percent .
A). 30%
B). 25%
C). 35%
D). 20%
E). None of these

2. Shiva purchased a scooter for Rs.5200 and spent Rs.800 on its repairs.He had to sell it for Rs.5500. Find his profit or loss percent
A). 8 1/3%
B). 6 1/3%
C). 8 1/2%
D). 6 2/5%
E). None of these

3. A dealer sold a watch for Rs.425, thereby losing 15%. At what price should he have sold the watch to earn a gain of 10% ?
A). Rs.450
B). Rs.550
C). Rs.525
D). Rs.425
E). None of these

4. A man buys 5 apples for Rs.3 and sells each for Rs.2. What is his gain percent?
A). 50%
B). 33 1/3%
C). 233 1/3%
D). 60%
E). None of these

5. By selling an article for Rs.450, a man loses 10%. Find his gain or loss percent if he sells it for Rs.540.
A). 6% loss
B). 8% loss
C). 6% gain
D). Gain 8%
E). None of these

6. For the same article if loss is 20% then selling price is Rs.60 and if gain is 20% them selling price is
A). Rs.90
B). Rs.70
C). Rs.80
D). Rs.85
E). None of these

7. If the profit percent is numerically equal to the cost price in rupees and the selling price is Rs. 39, what is the cost price?
A). 28
B). 40
C). 25
D). 30
E). None of these

8. A reduction of 25% in the price of oil enables a house wife to obtain 5kgs more for Rs.800, what is the reduced price for kg?
A. Rs.20
B. Rs.30
C. Rs.40
D. Rs.25

9.A man sells two articles for Rs.3600 each and he gains 30% on the first and loses 30% on the next. Find his total gain or loss?
A. 9% loss
B. 400
C. 4000
D. 324

10. I bought two books; for Rs.480. I sold one at a loss of 15% and other at a gain of 19% and then I found each book was sold at the same price. Find the cost of the book sold at a loss?
A. Rs.28
B. Rs.280
C. Rs.140
D. Rs.70

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