General Knowledge Section 4 Questions and Answers @Lifebix Part-4

General Knowledge Section 4 Questions and Answers:
1. Barack Obama, the President of America comes from which of the following Americian States?

D. lllinois

2. Who among the following Indian origin immigrants has become the governor of Louisianna province of the USA in 2007?

A.Bobby Jindal
B.Vikram Pandit
C.Swaraj Paul
D.Laxmi Mittal

3. Geeta Chandran is well known as a / an

A.Exponent of Violin
B.Film Director
C.Bharatnatyam dancer
D.Classical Carnatic Vocalist

4. Who among the following was the first Defence Minister of India?

A. N Gopalaswami Ayyangar
B.Maulana Azad
C.KM Cariappa
D.Sardar Patel

5. The first person to conduct heart transplantation in India is

A.Dr. Venugopal
B.Dr. R. Kesavan Nair
C.Dr. R. Valiathan
D.Dr.PKK Ayyangar

6. Who among the first lady Governor of an Indian state?

A.Mrs Sarojini Naidu
B.Mrs Sucheta Kripalani
C.Miss Padmaja Naidu
D.Mrs Tarakeshwari Sinha

7. Who among the following was the first lady Prime Minister in the World?

A.Shirimavo Bhandaranaike
B.Mary Eugenia Charles
C.Golda Meir
D.Indira Gandhi

8. The book ‘Letters from a Father to Daughter’ was written by

A.Mahatma Gandhi
D.Jawaharlal Nehru

9. W. Harvey discovered

A.Circulation of blood
B.Crystal dynamics
C.Laws of heredity

10. World’s first Woman Cosmonaut is

A.Arati Gupta
B.Virginia wade
C.Valentina Tereshkova
D.Junko Tabei

11. The planet nearest to the sun is

A. Saturn
B. Jupiter
C. Venus
D. Mercury

12. On the surface of the moon the weight of a man

A. Remain the same
B. Increases
C. Decreases
D. May or may not increase

13. What is the main component of biogas and natural gas?

A. Ethane
B. Methane
C. Propane
D. Butane

14. Which one of the following is printed on a commonly used fluorescent tube light?

A. 220 K
B. 273 K
C. 65000 K
D. 9000 K

15. The hottest planet in the solar system

A. Earth
B. Venus
C. Mars
D. Jupiter

16. The first Muslim President of the Indian National Congress

A. Azad
B. M.A.Jinnah
C. Rahimulla Sayani
D. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

17. “One People, One State, One leader” was the policy of

A. Stalin
B. Hitler
C. Lenin
D. Mussolin

18. The river that flows through Delhi is

A. Ganges
B. Indus
C. Yamuna
D. Narmada

19. Name the plant important in sericulture

A. Pea
B. Legumes
C. Mulberry
D. Cassia

20. The Hindustan Shipyard is located at

A. Chennai
B. Mumbai
C. Vishakapatnam
D. Mangalore