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Verbal Ability and Data Interpretation so that visitors can learn, practice and improve their skills to slit all types of placements, interviews,
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multiple choice and Computers sections in private/government sector Organizations.
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Time and Distance Simple and Compound interest
Problems on Trains Problems on Numbers
Problems on Average Time and Work
H.C.F and L.C.M Ratio and Proportion 
Partnership Problems Percentage Problems
Profit and Losses problems Pipes and Cistern
Alligation and Mixture Simplification
Boats And Streams Odd Man Out and Series
Races And Games Stocks and Shares
Calendar Problems Problems on Age


Topic Wise Important Aptitude  formulas:
Topic Wise Important Aptitude  formulas with explanation for various interview, competitive examination.Aptitude Important formulas for all the Govt Jobs.

Time and Distance Important Formulas
H.C.F And L.C.M Important Formulas
Number System Important Formulas
Alligation And Mixture Important Formulas
Area Important Formulas
Average Important Formulas
Boat and Streams Important Formulas
Calendar Important Formulas
Chain Rule important formulas
Clock Important formulas
Compound Interest Important Formulas
Logarithm important formulas
Partnership Important formulas
Percentage Important formulas
Permutation and combination Important formulas
Pipes and Cisterns Important formulas
Problems on Age Important formulas
Problems On Trains Important formulas
Profit and loss Important formulas
Probability Important formulas
Races And Games Important formulas
Simple Interest Important formulas
Simplification Important formulas
Stocks and Shares Important formulas
Time and Work Important formulas
True Discount Important formulas
Volume and Surface Important formulas